Wireline Companies offer exceptional services to oil and gas industry

Wireline companies offer services that are very useful for the oil and gas industry. Basically, wireline logging is a sophisticated cabling technology. It entails sending the probing equipment down into the oil well or other deep locations as desired with the help of cables. By sending such equipment down, many things which are not possible for human beings to do in person, can be done thanks to the equipment. The electrical cable or the wireline sent below constantly sends information up, which is interpreted with the help of software.

Wireline is used in different stages in the oil industry. For example in oil exploration, it becomes necessary to send sophisticated electrical equipment down, and collect soil readings. Based on the soil readings it is possible to analyze how much further it would be necessary to drill so as to reach the oil. Once the oil has been located, there are many other functions for which wireline technology is used such as –

  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Production logging
  • Well perforation
  • Well maintenance and repairs
  • Coil tubing
  • Tubing of drill pipe
  • Recovery of pipe
  • Cleaning of well
  • Setting plugs

Both out of casing and inside casing wireline services are used by the oil and gas industry.

Oil may be found at sea or on land, but it is always underground. Oil needs to be extracted and stored as well. The storage of oil is another function for which wireline services may be needed. This is because crude oil requires underground salt mines to be stored. Wireline services are needed to keep salt out of such oil storing chambers, caverns, or wells, as the case may be. Therefore, wireline services indicate whether the salt from the surroundings is moving into the cavern. Such storage is a complex process as there is always the possibility of the storage room collapsing.

Wireline services are also used for storing hydrocarbons, which are again stored underground. These services differ slightly because it is necessary to design and construct such underground storage tanks. Then again, the question of operation and logging needs to be done, for which wireline services are needed. Any decommissioning or abandoning also needs to be done without letting the ground sink. Other factors, such as pollution and water contamination, also need to be considered while managing such storage facilities. Therefore, wireline services play a crucial role in the engineering activity associated with hydrocarbon storage, and its transportation.

Geologists responsible for locating oil, and the engineers responsible for its extraction and storage, require wireline services for maintenance too. The rapid depletion of the stored hydrocarbons or oil needs to be avoided many times as the balance in pressure internally and externally needs to be maintained. Pressure from the surroundings can affect the storage of oil well. Based on the extrapolation and analysis of data received from remote locations deep inside earth, engineers decide how much casing is needed and the risks in setting up oil or hydrocarbon storage facilities in the selected location. Such assessment also enables these professionals to establish the necessary controls and management systems, apart from setting up the required procedures, plans, and drills for emergencies, if any. Effectively, wireline services combine electrical and electronic tools to collect information from remote and inaccessible locations, so that it is possible to come up with oil extraction and storage strategies.